PaK LaH kAntOI LagIkkk…

May 13, 2008

Bridging the Global Halal Market – An Introduction
Respected as a modern, peaceful and prosperous Islamic country especially among OIC member countries, Malaysia has the added advantage of championing the halal cause. Malaysia’s central position in Asia makes it an ideal trading platform to draw the world’s halal players in facilitating the sourcing and selling of global quality halal products through THE MALAYSIA INTERNATIONAL HALAL SHOWCASE (MIHAS).

Hosted by : MITI

Organised by:
Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE)
Jointly Organised with:
Islamic Dakwah Foundation Malaysia (YADIM)
In Association with:
Ministry of Entrepreneur and Co-operative Development Malaysia

kita view brochure dia sini:

Payable to : KasehDia Sdn Bhd

Siapa KasehDia?

Jumaatun Azmi
Managing Director
Nordin Abdullah : Director
Nori Abdullah : Creative Director <— rasa macam kenal jer
Abdul Hamid Evans : Director

So siapa Nori Abdullah ni????


3 Responses to “PaK LaH kAntOI LagIkkk…”

  1. majuperak Says:

    Korang x boleh tengok asal Nori je anak korang dah pening, bila khairy je menantu, dlm dunia ni x nama yg sama ker,

  2. Ada kawan aku laghi kantoi, nombor kawan seopis pun tak simpan……jangan mare.

  3. Budak Medan Kidd Says:

    Yekeni.Tapi lebih kantoi kalu kita tak simpan nombor kawan seopis…..kantoi. Jangan marahhhhhh.

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